Blog Relaunch: Is a Blog still Necessary in 2017?

It is the year 2017. Facebook is slowly heading down and is only used as an event calendar or to remind us of the birthdays of mediocre important contacts, which we still want to keep warm, just in case we need them one day. If we want to read news, we go to Twitter. Our photos and snapshots are shared on Instagram and we communicate almost solely via WhatsApp. Blogs? Are dead! Or...?

5 Things to Watch This Weekend

  The Weekend’s almost here and besides going to the Drake Concert, having some photo shoots and visiting some nice food-spots in my hometown, I am also looking forward to some cozy hours at home watching new Netflix movies and series!

Life Update – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my life update! Here I will tell you more about my last weeks of 2016...In November, I went another time to Spain. This time with my roomie and best friend, who has gifted me a trip to Barcelona for my birthday. We had such a blast and a perfect girls-weekend. Our apartment was right in the middle of my favorite district "El Born" and we could reach all the sightseeing spots and the beach by walking. We ate the best tapas and had phenomenal brunches, drank lots of...

Life Update – Part 1

Hey Guys. I wish you all a happy new year! Although being permanently active on Instagram & co. I had a lot of things going on the last months, so that my blog was having a break. With this post I'd like to give you a huge life update and tell you about all the happenings and changes in 2016. And I would also like to invite you for weekly updates on my blog, which I am kicking off now :-) Have fun!


What can we say on days like this? Days where human failure shows itself in its greatest extend and that happen so often recently. Especially in my wonderful home country, where these kind of incidents make sure that the social gap between the people gets bigger and bigger. The people who know me, know that these days pull me down in a way nothing else does...

Hello 2016!

In den letzten Tagen habe ich viele Jahresrückblicke von unterschiedlichen Menschen gelesen. Für viele war 2015 ein aufregendes, spannendes Jahr. Für mich war es das Jahr von Veränderungen. Und das obige Zitat drückt wohl am besten aus, was diese Veränderungen zunächst ausgelöst haben. Wir Menschen sind eben Gewohnheitstiere und brauchen in den meisten Fällen Sicherheit. Doch ich sollte letztes Jahr die Lektion lernen...


Last week, right on the second Christmas day, DJ Solomun gifted us with a big present and played a set at Übel & Gefährlich Hamburg. And don't forget that it was his birthday! Right after the announcement, the tickets were sold out. Luckily we still had the chance to join the event. And the night was crazy as always when Solomun is back in town. As we arrived at the location, there already waited a hundred of people outside. While we tried to get in, my handbag broke...